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Getting back into it

Since the start of the year I have been trying (desperately trying) to get back into stride, my ankle (and other linked injuries) have caused me to be a bit stop start this year, but now is the time to start a fresh and I have a “reason” for the running.

That “reason” is still under raps but that is due to my lack of confidence of my injury, when I feel I am totally over it I will divulge and I be taking you all through the preparations, the hard graft that is required to compete.

This week is week one of the build up to October and I have achieved a massive total of 11 miles (oh yeh!! look out Mo (Farah) here I come!!). This compiled of 3 easy miles on Monday, then met up with Phil Parry on Thursday for a run round the BAWA field. Then today thought I would have an easy 3 miles until I started running and the easy run ended up being a tempo and achieved a totally unexpected 18 mins 30 for 3 miles. Ok not the best (2 mins off of my PB) but its a start and its a start in the right direction.

Its my sons 4th Birthday on Monday so I am taking the weekend off running, but I am totally looking forward to Monday and running again.

All I now have to say is “BRING IT ON!!!”

Happy running to all


What a difference a day makes

For starters last night wasn’t great, Harry had us up a few times, bless him he is having nightmares about Father Christmas, he is only two and a half, and to be honest an old bloke dressed in a red coat with the hood up with a bit white beard its not surprising really is it.

Any I digress, this morning I felt much the same, made worse by tiredness, when it came to 11:30 I had almost persuaded myself not to run. Well there wasn’t any better option so I dragged myself out of the nice warm office, not really wanting to do my 6 mile tempo, but hey for once the sun was out, I left work and bumped into Andy Cooke who decided to join in on the tempo run.

The first mile was very difficult I kept below the 6 minute mile that I should be doing any way before I knew it I was starting to enjoy the run and by the third mile I started to pull away from Andy and in the end we ended up going our separate ways.

I finished the route, which was the same as a fortnight ago, in a time of 35:07, some 30 seconds off of the previous time. Well I am feeling tired but happier with my running, as I say what a difference a day makes!!


Tempo Thursday

As highlighted in yesterdays blog I was slightly worried about this new session, for two reasons, one that it is difficult outside of a race scenario to push yourself and secondly my routes around work are not contusive to a tempo run, the are lost of hills/rises to climb up and run down making it difficult to maintain a speed.

I didn’t decide on the route to use until I was out of the office, in the end the route I took was about as could find in the area. I started with a half mile warm up and then started the tempo run, the first part of the route is down hill and I struggled not to let my legs go with the descent, as it began to plateau off I was probably going out bit too fast, but I was comfortable. Anyway, not much really happened, and I ended up finishing the 6 mile temp run in 35:41, some 20secs quicker than my training plan requires but at least I know that next week I can do the time again if not faster. I finished the session off with a mile warm down jog.