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The weather could have been better, the support seemed to be good (as usual) the only down point was that I was not running. I was spectating I took my daughter down to watch (not that she saw much from her push chair)!!!

I love to run and I love to race even more, so for me spectating isn’t the best idea. Having said that, Bristol does do a great job welcoming and supporting runners of all standards (esp if you are in the army marching the course with full berguns on your backs).

It was great to see many running friends and it was even better to see an old training partner of mine coming home in second place (I couldn’t manage to keep up with her 2 years ago let alone now!!). Well done Claire Hallissey.

Disappointing mark of the day: I sat down this afternoon to watch a local news programme and they did a couple of minutes on the 10k, but no mention of local runners, esp when they came home in 2nd place.

Well done to everyone who took part, and especially well done and thanks to those who volunteered to help facilitate today’s event.

Well thats it, Berkeley 10k tomorrow night, but not for me, a steady 45mins at lunch time is my task.