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Fantabulous new resource from Bristol Running Resource!

I’ve added a new page to the site, which can be accessed from the link at the top of every page. It is a “reminder” service of races coming up soon - for those of us who can’t plan more than a day in advance. It is called Races Soon.

The most important thing about this is that it is an RSS feed.  This means you can get the information fed to your computer when it appears, without you having to remember to go and look. Furthermore, remember that Bristol Running Resource has the most comprehensive, personally checked and updated, repository of local races in the universe.

More information about RSS feeds.


Back from the USA, and getting the Olympics.

Well this is my second morning back and recovering from jet lag, but not running as I’ve done my back in, thanks to long flights and varied beds I think.

I only ran 36km while I was out there, which is not a great deal really, although probably not far of my average!

My, what a lot of beach volleyball I’ve watched! For a week all I could find on TV in the US was that, and of course Michael Phelps. I really don’t like beach volleyball - what a weird spectacle that is. Of course I’m biased, but now I’m back here the coverage of the Olympics in the UK seems much better. Actually there was lots of gymnastics too, and that was great to watch. I remember as a kid that gymnastics bored to me rigid, but now I’m old I’m as transfixed as my parents were. But I still love to watch the running most. I think the 1500m is my favourite - speed, tactics, pain, and drama.

I’ve missed so much while I was away, and couldn’t work out why I’d heard nothing of our runners like Mo Farah, Jo Pavey and Kate Reed (our Bristol & West AC runner). It seems that although Team GB has done fantastically overall, it has been a disappointing Olympics for distance running. I found this feature quoting Brendan Foster, which kinda brought me up to date.

On a more positive note, I twice went to the track with my 14 yr old nephew. He lives 5 minutes drive from a deserted high school track. What a lucky guy! He wants to beat the school 800m record of about 5:20. I got him doing 100m reps and he said it was really good, if a little sobering. Hopefully he’ll keep it up and come October I can report on his success.

Today I’m off camping in Wales with the family. I visited the osteopath yesterday (who I discovered is a runner in Westbury Harriers) and she loosened my sore back up a good deal. So, if I don’t do it in loading the tent into the car - hopefully some nice running to be had - including over Cader Idris …


Vote for local sports sponsorship

Norwich Union (who sponsor UK Athletics) are giving money to community sports projects - if they get enough votes. Donations range from £1000 to £50,000.

There are some Bristol initiatives in the bidding, so go to the Norwich Union Community pages, find a project, and place your vote.


Bath Half Marathon

I hear entry for the Bath Half Marathon 2009 opens soon. 18th of August is priority entry for previous runners, and everyone else can enter 2 weeks later on 1st September.

Its a great course and a good race, but the transport in and out of Bath was way over-stretched and the logistics of managing runners left a lot to be desired in 2008. I for one was left freezing in the rain for too long before I could get my kit.

But noises from the organisers seem to indicate they have listened and are working hard to do it better and, either way, I would recommend it if you are partial to the odd half marathon.

I’m going to enter. Half marathons are not my big thing - I find then too long, too painful, too much training, and too few and far between. However, I’m going to make an exception for this one and see if I can do 1:25 if not faster, which would be a new PB.


Running in the USA

There are a lot of Bristols in this part of the world.  It would be cool if I could knock off a run in one of them, but unlikely I’m afraid - this is a family holiday.

So far I’ve done four runs totalling 25km in hot ,humid conditions with the hottest being 30 degrees centigrade. Phew! It’s very tree shaded round here - this is New England - which helps, but its a killer when the sun gets through. Beautiful surroundings though.

My 14 yr old nephew out here is trying to beat his school’s 1 mile record, so I’m hoping to persuade him to do some 400m reps on the track to get some extra speed - so far his training consists of just simple 1 mile runs. He’s a got a 10 second gap to close …