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Last Nights Bridge Inn 5km

Well the race has been run and I am still awaiting the official results, but that is only for the official time and not my place. I have worked out that this was my 8th race in over 2 years, which for my usual racing diary I normally do that in about 2 months in the summer. The plan was to take it steady, not to push too hard, not to blast from the start line and that is what I did.

It was cold last night, which is never great when racing especially when you are at the start line. Fortunately for the Bridge Inn the start line is quite narrow so every one is crushed in. There are no race tales to be told, only that I ran, didn’t struggle and got home with some consummate ease in a time of 18:17 (my watch). I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to my next race.

What next, apart from entering more races, is to increase my training by that I mean not to add more training sessions into my diary but to make my current training sessions gradually more intensive.

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