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Its like running in water!!

Obviously Aqua Jogging is running in water, no I don’t mean you run laps in a pool its a static effort.

Earlier this week, as threatened, I went to an Aqua Jogging class, and all I can say is wow!!! I went there, as you do, pessimistic of the benefits. But given my issues with my left leg I had nothing to lose.

This weeks session was called the triathlon, most of the session was water running but Linda also adds in some water cycling and swimming (slightly different from normal swimming esp with a float strapped to your waist, we also did some water skiing.

The thing with water running/aqua jogging its all about technique, once you have that mastered, you are able to push yourself a lot more, and a the hour session went on the more I was pushing myself, I have to say it surprised me when I finished, I walked away from the pool as if I hadn’t done any exercise, but after a couple of hours my legs felt like I had run at least 6 miles, but my joints were not. And that is what Aqua Jogging for us runners is all about, it is being able to put your body through an effort session without the impact on your body.

Reader Comments (2)

Hi , Im trying to find somewhere in Bristol where I can do Aqua jogging. Can I ask you where you did yours, as I'm not having much luck!

12/10/2011 | Unregistered CommenterDaisy Hornak
Hi Daisy. Here is the original aqua running flier. Maybe you can contact them:
15/10/2011 | Registered CommenterMike

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