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Running again - 11k in Leigh Woods & Ashton Court

I seem to getting back into a groove after many many months. In late November I think I overdid it a bit, got a cold, that developed into flu, the lack of exercise (as ever) made my back go squiffy, then my neck, and it’s just taken a long to time to get over that.

I tried to get going in the early spring, but got really sore shins and didn’t want to get shin splints so eased off again.

Then the physio I was seeing for my back and neck gave me some grief about needing to run - but also to run short and slow.

It took me several weeks to come round, but I realised that running 2k in 15mins had to be better than not running at all. So, I set myself the challenge of running every day for a week, no matter how small. After all, it’s those old blokes who say they’ve not missed a day running in 30 years that are really inspirational.

I managed 6 out of 7 days - no sore shins! I’ve now done 3 10km runs - no sore shins! Last night I did my standard 10k run up Redland Road and around The Downs and really felt like I was flowing again. OK, still not doing it in 40 mins, but I felt relaxed. No sore shins. No sore back. Neck not so bad either.

What have I learned?

Listen to my shins and ease off - they will respond to a gentle build up. Tiny weeny runs are better than no runs - once you get going, the momentum builds from there by itself.

Oh, and here is the track of the run I did in Leigh Woods and Ashton Court a while back. It felt good to be back:

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