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Nothing happening

I just don’t have the time to update the race listings or the blog. But the lists of shops and clubs is good, and you can browse previous months and years to find out what races tend to happen when.

If you want to run this site, let me know.


Extreme Ravine

Check out this new event in Leigh Woods on Novemebr 10th, it sounds pretty, and pretty tough: Extreme Ravine


Late entry to the Bristol Half Marathon?

The Bristol Half is soon - 15th September!

I know there are always a fair few of you looking for a last minute place, so why not pick up a free entry and help a local charity?

If you haven’t already secured your place or chosen a charity then look no further - Meningitis Research Foundation will give you one if you think you can raise a dollop of sponsorship. They fund  research into the prevention, detection and treatment of this dreadful and devastating disease and support those affected.

Free places are still available for the Bristol Half Marathon if you pledge to try to raise a minimum of £175. You will get your own running and sponsorship pack, and your own (very stunning) running vest to wear for the race. Find out more by contacting: or call 01454 281814. Alternatively sign up online.

Meningitis Research Foundation needs YOU! 


GoodGym - wacky, but good

GoodGym has arrived in Bristol. The idea? Don’t go the gym - run with a group to clear rubish from a community garden, literally run an errend for an old person, or run to sit with an old person and be inspired!

Thought it looked rubbish at first, but actually it looks like a cool idea. Nice one!

Bristol now has regular runs, starting from Park Street.


Haile Gebrselassie and Jonnie Peacock

Just thought I’d share some pictures from my recent trip up to Manchester where I met Haile Gebrselassie and Jonnie Peacock! I work for Meningitis Research Foundation, and was going up to support our runners in the Great Manchester Run. Olympic paralympian, gold medallist, and world record holder Jonnie Peacock is one of our Patrons, and he was good enough to come and meet us on the stand, so my son and I got our picture with him.

But that is not all. While waiting to meet Jonnie in a hotel lobby the day before, who should walk past but living legend Haile Gebrselassie. It’s not really my style to hassle people for pictures, but this really was a once in a lifetime moment!